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DISTO™ Applications


Carpet Laying

DISTO for Architects



Window Fitting


The Accessory Made for the Assessor

For assessors: Super-rapid assessment of enclosed spaces or living areas is often sought. A quick overall view of the level of stock without carrying out expensive and complicated procedures is desired.

Area and volume determination is typically made through a number of observations and applied through formulas. This can be a timeconsuming and costly activity. The entire process can now be completed in half the time without pen, paper or calculator.

Unlike sonar-based devices, the DISTO™ OEM Module allows you to see the exact point you are measuring to, and instantaneous mistake-free recorded observations are possible.

Only with the laser of the DISTO™ OEM Module is it possible to measure so elegantly and professionally across and beyond the pile of goods. Structural observations and dimension checks are extremely easy, there's no climbing involved and so no risk of falling.

With the DISTO™ OEM Module you can work alone, and yet twice as fast as with conventional procedures. Your DISTO™ will have paid for itself after the first two or three jobs.

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Carpet Laying

Technology That Gives You the Red Carpet Treatment

Eliminate the more inconvenient tasks associated with internal dimension measurement for carpet laying. Cumbersome tasks can now be a thing of the past. Imagine eliminating backache as the result of continuous stooping for measurements. Reduce time spent measuring to a third.

Imagine being able to measure up rooms in accordance with the architect's plan, transfer the data, and then print out the protocol. Incorrect calculations and area estimations can cost you money. Measure areas in a few seconds.

Suppose you, as a carpet layer, come into a newly-constructed building, carrying a DISTO™ pro or DISTO™ pro a and a palmtop computer and leaving the paper and pencil at home. The DISTO™ pro / DISTO™ pro a has enough capacity for 800 measurements.

Save more than 2 hours per day, working easier and faster with no more transcription errors. You only need to do the job once.

Isn't it time you received the red carpet treatment?

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Comfortable Measuring for Architects is Announced

After using a Leica Laser Distancemeter for four years, Architect Rainer Dietz from Lindau, Germany, would never swap this valued tool.

Today measuring both short and long distances fast and accurately is a "must". Particularly during renovations, it is essential that measurements are correct at the beginning of construction as later changes would create great problems for tenants. Time is money for all in the construction.

Since 1999, the architecture office of Rainer Dietz has renovated and modernized many apartment buildings of the fifties with over 230 flats. All apartments, stairwells, cellars and attics, as well as the façades, are newly measured and all measurements and material details are written down on the existing old plan on the spot. Later in the office, the data is entered into a CAD program and the current stock plans are prepared in the office.

"Compared with the enormous cost savings, the initial cost of the DISTO hardly comes into the picture. Using the conventional methods of measuring (with a tape measure and a meter ruler), two people are needed for just 11/4 standard hours per apartment.

However, a saving potential of appoximately 50-60% lies with the measurement of longer distances (façades, cellars, corridors and attics)."

"I see great advantages in using the DISTO™ Laser Distancemeter to record detailed measurements in occupied and furnished buildings. Here, I can comfortably measure over and around items of furniture without having to move anything," said Rainer Dietz.

For a building with 20 apartments, the Leica DISTO™ will save him around a total of 30 hours in measuring and recording time.

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Areas & Volumes in a Matter of Seconds

Eliminate the more inconvenient tasks associated with internal dimension measurement. The inefficient manner in which these tasks were once carried out can now be a thing of the past. Imagine eliminating backache as the result of continous stooping for measurements; reducing time spent measuring to a third of the time.

Suppose as a plumber, heating engineer or fireplace builder you walk into a building, and within a few minutes determine the exact area, volume size and length of all necessary piping. Increase your professional image, quote within a few minutes save time Imagine having on board memory and functionality that eliminates the need for pen and paper calculations. Incorrect calculations and area estimations can cost you money, measure areas in a few seconds with mm accuracy.

Painters often work on particular sites where the non-contact acquisition of data is essential, and must avoid damaging any existing structures. Reduce time constraint pressures by measuring faster and easier with the DISTO™.

In addition boost the image of your professionalism. Cut your job time to a half. At $25 per hour, this would mean a saving of $100 per day.

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Aligning with the Leica LINO

Tile alignment - Just turn it on and you get true horizontal and vertical lines. Perfect for any alignment jobs. More importantly, no need to physically mark on finished surfaces saving you effort of cleaning it off later. No longer has to get out of the cab to do manual measurements.

Transferring horizontal lines - Lines can be transferred using the Lino without complicated tinkering with a spirit level, even to adjacent rooms. You can align your Leica Lino in a flash using the telescopic floor to ceiling pole – great in places where the tripod won’t reach.

Laying joint to joint - You start in the middle of a wall and still always know where the joints will meet up again. It couldn’t be quicker and easier.

Outdoor alignment - A sensor detects the laser line at distances of up to 30 m. This makes it easy to monitor the laying of terrace tiles, for example. The self-levelling function can be switched off at any time (locking function), and the laser line can be projected into any location.

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Measuring with the Leica DISTO™

Distance, surface area and wall area - 2 - 3 quick measurements calculates the area and volume. What’s more detailed information such as wall, ceiling areas, wall perimeter with 1 button action. This helps you effectively estimates the materials needed for floors, skirtings or even wall tiles.

Measuring the room angle - Not all corners are 90°. Precise corner angles are now possible in 3 simple steps so you can now shape that tile or flooring to fit perfectly the first time, every time.

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Window Fitting

Turn a DISTO™ Into a Window of Opportunity

Modern day technology has well and truly passed the concept of tape measurement. With the advent of new technology we derive great benefits in time and cost saving. We can now perform tasks in a fraction of the time.

Window fitting would normally rely on the reading of tapes, measuring bands and telescopic rules. Imagine measuring up to 100 windows spaced over the frontages of, say, an apartment block with such devices. A tiresome, time consuming and sometimes dangerous task. Time saving, easier production planning and easier final installations are now possible!

DISTO™ pro / DISTO™ pro a allows you to retire back to the comfort of your office, and view the data on the PC monitor. Up to 800 measurements can be stored in this DISTO™.

Using just a sketch and the DISTO™ pro / DISTO™ pro a, the window fitter can now safely record every frontage detail. This data can be edited so that it is conveniently available for production or for the final installation. Both DISTO™ has a special ending for the window fitter that help to measure from grooves. With the DISTO™ pro a you have an accuracy of +/-1.5 mm.

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